Sunday, March 27, 2011

~My Amazing Life~

Doe has been a bad girl! It's been far too long since I posted and to you my followers, I apologize.  Have no fear, Doe is here!  Things are going to change with the blog, but just slightly.  When I started the blog I had thought that having days of the week specifically assigned to a general topic would help keep me on top of my posts.  What I found is that it makes me feel guilty for not having the time to post on a specific day and then I lose interest in 'catching up,' because doing so is exhausting.

So, Doe is back and with a new agenda!  The new plan, a minimum of one post per week and as many as I can interest myself in doing based on the amount of time I have.  I have had numerous things to post about latley but the thought of catching up just made me that much less interested in posting. 

This is the last time I neglect the blog because, I came back and have 10 new followers that are now probably wondering why in the world they followed me in the first place since, I mean its been 3 weeks since I even put up a post.

What has Doe been up to, might you ask.... well here are some of the things I have been filling my time with:
* Designing a shed for Critter & Myself
* Antiquing
* Laundry (exciting I know)
* Spending time with my nephew
* Updating my photo blog
* Watching Netflix with Critter
* Quality time with my hubby
* Trying out new recipes
* Editing photos
* Work...
* Having dinner with my sister's family
* Facebooking
* Online Scrapbooking of Critter's family tree scrapbook
* Organizing my newly inherited beadwork crafting collection
* Picking out Patterns to go with the fabric Critter's mom gave me
* Eating Healthier/Grocery Shopping
* Taking an hour walk every night after work
* Tupperware/Product Parties at friends' houses
* Dishes/Cleaning the Kitchen
* Going to church
* Spending time with friends & family
* Organizing Pantry/Cleaning out Fridge
* Donating the stuff in my Yard Sale bins in the garage to Goodwill
* Gathering design ideas and prep for a design plan for friends' gathering/meeting space in their office building

I know this all sounds so exciting, but to me, its happiness and well maybe a few of them are on your lists too but its amazing how quickly a day can go by when you are doing things you enjoy.  If only the time at work went as fast as the time off of work.  I throughly enjoy my life, I love my husband, I love our house and I love our life. 

...if I could only make a living from the happiness I get from living my life!  I need to work on that... I am sure it is possible!  If only I could earn the salary and benefits I currently earn by scrapbooking, crafting, sewing, gardening, building, designing, antiquing, refinishing, painting, cooking... oh hmmm Martha did it, and somehow I am sure there must be a way!

 Either way, I am blessed, God has guided me thru living a great life!  Amazing husband+amazing family+amazing friends+amazing home = outstanding life! Thank you God!