Friday, September 16, 2011

~Banned From Hunting On Earth?~

Banned from hunting on earth? Yep, that is what I said!  And whoa, yes hello it is Doe!  It has been a while I know.  Busy busy summer and blogging ended up taking a backseat.  I read this article yesterday from The Blaze and I just couldn't help passing it along to all of my fellow hunters out there.  The article from Salisbury, NC is about a man banned from hunting anywhere on the planet for two years!  This is what can happen folks for illegal hunting.  Read the story below: 

                                                       Salisbury, N.C. (The Blaze/AP)  
A North Carolina man has been banned from hunting anywhere in the world for two years as part of an agreement with federal authorities on charges that he illegally killed wildlife in Kentucky. The Salisbury Post reported Thursday that Rodney Poteat agreed to the deal in Kentucky last week. The Salisbury man declined comment. Federal prosecutors said Poteat last November carried a 14-point white-tailed deer from Hart County, Ky., to his home without reporting the kill. He also pleaded guilty to transporting a dead bobcat without a non-resident hunting license. He agreed to pay the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources $5,300 in restitution for fees he would have paid for hunting in the state between 2002 and 2011.

Here is the original link should you want to go there.  Feds Ban Carolina Man From Hunting Anywhere on Planet Earth.

Stay tuned for photos of the reasons Doe has been MIA this summer!!  That includes photos of the 95% completed shed project started Memorial Day Weekend way back in May.