Thursday, May 26, 2011

~Install per Design Documents~

It is about to begin!  For months now I have been designing, gathering and having approved a cottage style shed to build in our backyard.  If anyone knows anything about getting plans passed through the building department at the city offices they know that it usually takes a couple of tries to get right what it is they find acceptable in order to give you that building permit.  I have been a drafter for about 6 years now and a construction coordinator prior to that, so I have had my fair share of time applying for building permits and then making the necessary plan revisions to be approved.  

This is now my 2nd set of plans that have been approved with no comments!  Just a 'Install per design documents.'  Woo hoo, I say to that!!  When you get it right the first time it sure makes getting started a whole lot easier.   So needless to say I am very pleased and ready to do some ground breaking for this big bad boy!  More updates to come!  Oh and yes that is a swing on the side and there is a front porch.  Critter and I are really looking forward to warm summer evenings just hangin' in our backyard on the shed porch.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

~Critter & Doe Wedding Album~

Finally, I have finished a wedding photo album and it was even a before our 1st anniversary!  If you would like to peek just click on the link below and click through to see the photos from our most memorable day

Our Wedding Album
All photos by Suwanee Lennon of Suwanee Photography, Spokane, WA