Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~Doe In the Headlights~

I originally wrote this post back on the 4th, but was having troubles getting pictures to load that night.  So... here we go again, no problem loading the picture but everything else seems to be running slow tonight.  With a little luck, I can get this post posted before I have too many more internet issues.


What has Doe been up to?  Well, Doe had her first hunter's safety class tonight.  Yep, I finally 'bit the bullet' so to speak and got signed up to get my card.  I should've done it years ago but along with my niece and Critter's best friend's kids being in there with me I thought they could help ensure class would be fun and that I would acutally be able to pass the test!  Wish me luck, one night down five to go and a morning at the range.  Shouldn't be a problem since I've been shooting my whole life but throw a test at me and you'll see 'Doe in the headlights!'

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