Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~Hunter Safety Update~

Doe is now officially certified to get a hunting license!  I passed the class and the range test without any issues.  I must say I was little bit nervous at the range and mostly because I didn't know what to expect.  Well, and having a big bearded loud guy standing over your shoulder didn't help either. 

It is rather strange to have been shooting firearms most of your life then to have someone you don't know standing over you to make sure you are turning your safety on and off, practicing safe muzzle control and keeping your finger from getting trigger happy before you are ready to shoot.  Makes you very nervous that you aren't being safe enough because of any bad habits or poor form you may have developed.  Kinda what I would expect it would be like to take my driver's test over again after 25 years of driving experience.  In any instance I didn't have any 'strikes' against me and I had no issues practicing safe muzzle control.

When it came to the written test, I guess my deer headlights were off because there was no Doe in the Headlights that night!  I passed having a 97%.  You had to get at least 60 of the 75 questions right to pass and I got 73 right.  Not sure what questions I missed but my instructor did say they were both conservation questions.  Guess I figure if I'm not the one making the kill, I'll be killing them with my poor conservation knowledge... HA!  Such a silly little Doe. 


  1. Whoop Whoop!!! Congrats on the 97% passing grade!! Sounds like you rocked that test!