Friday, January 20, 2012

Strength & Inspiration

It has been far too long since I posted I know!  So, I have something really inspirational for you.  I really would like to share a story with you all.  A story that is close to my heart because it is about a dear friend I have known since we met in 6th grade gym class.  A friend who's dad was friends with my dad from when they met in middle school gym class and who's parents were in birthing classes with my parents just before the two of us were born. 

Carol fought and beat a common fatal disease, sepsis.  Please read her story,
Saving Carol Decker: Her Nearly Fatal Fight with Sepsis, which was published in SELF Magazine's January issue.  As you are brought to tears you will find yourself being inspired by her and her husband's incredible strength. 

Next time you are faced with difficult adversity in your life, make certain you ask God for the strength to help you through your strenuous journey. With God at your side & holding your hand along the way, having a determination and a great love for life He will lead you to the next place He wants you to be.  Even though it may not be what you had planned for yourself you must realize only He knows what is best for you and is guiding you to a place where He will use you for the potential he knows you possess.

Carol with her daughter Safiya (Photo Credit: Self Magazine)

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