Saturday, November 13, 2010

Before & After

Just a quick little before & after post today.  I always want to help out my grandparents but all of my life they have been the ones to help me.  With them getting older it was so refreshing to finally get the chance to do something for them.  They have lived in the same house since my dad was a year old, some 62+ years.  They recently purchased a condo and sold the little house downtown.  They are working on turning their new home in to a cozy place to be. Today I was able to put my painting skills to good use to show the detail of their arch in the entryway and also to accent their beautiful new front door.  Here is the results, I think it looks fantastic.  Great color choice Gram, the color is called Kona!




  1. Beautiful!!!
    Good job on taking a before picture. I always get so excited to jump into a project that I forget to take the before picture.

  2. I almost forgot... you can see I got started before I remembered :)