Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Critter Spotter's Birthday Dinner

(Critter Spotter)
I asked Critter what he wanted for dinner on his birthday.  Keep in mind this just isn't any birthday, today my Critter turned a young 40 years old!  He is as handsome as ever and although I'll always love him no matter what, there is no doubt he does not look 40.  Here are pictures of the preparation of the requested birthday dinner, well ok, he just requested steak and left the rest up to me. 

(Good Morning Message to my Hunny)
I made up a cheesy potato recipe that turned out delish, steak marinated in his favorite marinade, sauteed green beans and mushrooms (and I can't stand mushrooms but he loves them) strawberry cheesecake (courtesy of Yokes) and sourdough bread with simple olive oil & basalmic vinegar dipping sauce. Without further ado... here are the pics of our yummy birthday dinner.  Oh yeah, and don't forget Critter and my favorite red wine, Red Diamond Merlot.  Tasty stuff!  Enjoy!

(Our Favorite Wine)
(Marinating Beef Sirloin Steaks)
(Chopping Onions)

(Red Potatoes & My Sweet New Food Processor)
(Sliced Red Potatoes & Cheese Cream Sauce)

(Yum, Tilamook Colby Jack)
(My awesome cheese grating attachment)

(Creamy Potato Cheese Sauce)

(Potatoes & Colby Jack pre cream sauce)

(Sourdough half of loaf in foil ready to be warmed)


(Fabulous new cookbook holder/page protector)

(Rinsing the Mushrooms)
(Rinsing the Beans)

(Time to Sautee)
(Sauteeing the Beans)

(Ready to Eat!)

(Potatoes are ready)

(Critter's Birthday Dinner Plate)

(Critter's birthday cheesecake)
Happy birthday my love, I hope 40 is your best year yet, I love you much!

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