Monday, November 22, 2010

Project Monday - Fireplace

This post is a bit bittersweet.  I worked extremely hard on my condo that I owned when I lived in Phoenix.  I remodeled nearly every last inch of that place.  It ended up that real estate values in Phoenix dropped so quickly and so drastically that keeping it wasn't a realistic option.  It came down to me giving it back to the bank after I made the decision to move back to Washington.  When you pay nearly 150K for it to be sold at auction for 70K and then find that to purchase a condo in the same complex right now three years later it would cost me somewhere around 40K.  It is nothing short of heartbreaking.

One project that I wanted to share is the fireplace facade transformation.  The condo had its original gray 6x6 ceramic tiles.  I decided I wanted to bring it into the new century and choose 1x1 glass tiles, in mixed shades of brown.  Take a look at the spectacular transformation.


(All Demo-ed)

(The New Tile no Grout)

(Finished Fireplace Facade)

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