Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simple Sunday - True Beauty

(McNary Nat'l Wildlife Refuge)
Everyday we go about our regualr everyday things.  How often do we actually take the time to enjoy some of the natural beauties of our surroundings?  I'd say not nearly enough!  Today I spent some time at the McNary Wildlife Refuge.  I took some family photographs there, which is a location I suggested knowing that the Refuge was naturally beautiful. I knew it would be a perfect photo backdrop.  I honestly took for granted just how beautiful it is and how amazing the fall colors are.  To top it off an early morning rain followed by sunshine surely saturates colors and draws out true beauty of  foilage and brings out natural wildlife right here where I grew up.


(Migrating Geese)

(Wildlife Refuge)

(Path to the Photo Blind)

(Native Bird)


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  1. I just discovered that place earlier this fall. Dylan's class had a field trip there. I was so impressed by it. What a great place for pictures. It is a place I hope to take my kids back to and visit it often. It is like a little treasure just tucked away in that small town. Glad you had fun!