Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's In A Name?

You may wonder beyond the obvious, why Doe?  Let me tell you.  The picture you see I took on my recent 2010 Deer Camp vacation.  The 'Critter Spotter' and myself go with his family every year to Deer Camp.  We even had our wedding at the family Deer Camp spot just 5 short months ago (more on that in posts to come). 

My father, the Critter Spotter and me were out on a morning drive and as we came around a corner Dad looking uphill and Critter Spotter looking down, I just so happened to come eye to eye straight ahead with this full figured lady.  Me, always having camera in hand on a drive in the woods picked up and snapped away.  Critter laughed and said, "Awe neat, doe eyes meets doe eyes."  He's always said I have doe eyes.  Hello idea for the blog.

So, what is in a name?  To me, I will always think of the well fed doe that looked me in the eye and was content knowing she wasn't going to be our dinner that day.  I can't help but recall the words of the Cree Indian 'One Stab' in the movie Legends of the Fall when he narrates about Tristan, "l don't know why Tristan didn't kill that damn old bear.  They say when a man and an animal have spilled each other's blood, they become one."  Well, we didn't spill each others blood per se, (too manly for us girls) but we had a moment and for that moment we became one; now I am Doe: A Hunter's Wife.

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