Saturday, February 19, 2011

Current Event Saturday - Ellensburg: The Best in the West

(Davidson Building Ellensburg, WA
Photo: Courtesy of Cowboy
I went to college in a small Central Washington town called Ellensburg.  I have a long list of reasons as to why it is such an amazing place to live.  I'll share a few:

(Ellensburg Location)
For one, its a small town with a strong sense of community.  The population is somewhere around 15,000 and Central Washington University enrolls approximately 10,000 students per school year.  It sits in the eastern foothills of the Casdade Mountain Range and is in the geographical middle of Washington State. 

Two, the weather there is mild, it experiences snowy winters, warm summers and has 300 or so day of sunshine annually. 

Three, the outdoor recreation opportunities are endless:
horseback/trail riding
ATV trails
4 wheeling trails
and the list goes on....

(Barge Hall CWU
Photo: Web)
Plus if you want to take a class you have the college right in town boasting over 50 different majors and hundreds of learning opportunities to take advantage of.  The Theater Arts department regularly features plays and performances, music department has concerts and the associated students and alumni groups bring in varying entertainments for all to attend and enjoy. 

(Ellensburg Rodeo Arena
Photo: Daily Record)
There are fantastic fun, exciting and entertaining annual events throughout the year that bring everyone together from near and far to partake in such as:

The Ellensburg Rodeo and Kittitas County Fair (I worked the ticket office at the Rodeo for 3 years in college)
Jazz in the Valley
Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering
Miss Rodeo Washington Coronation Ceremony
First Friday Artwalk
Girls Night Inn Charity Event

(The Tav streetshot
There are great local restaruants and a good nightlife with most bars and eateries all within walking distance of one another.

The Tav - The best bar burger in the West (Go give a Hungry Mother a try!)
Palace Cafe - Fantastic Salad bar and vague memories of many a night w/friends in the bar
Yellow Church Cafe - An old fave
Dakota Cafe - A must!
Starlight Lounge - A Classy small town bar
Arnie's Horseshoe Sports Bar - All I have to say is Sweet Caroline in harmony... yep the entire bar together
Winegar's - Best most awesomest Marshmallo Ice Cream Soda! HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Delish!
Campus-U-Tote-Em & Rossow's-U-Tote-Em - Old School Burger & Fries Drive-Ins
Valley Cafe - Mid Century Mod- Old Style cafe w/fine foods and wines
Rodeo City Bar-B-Q - Homestyle BBQ need I say more?
Morelli's Cafe Italiano - Haven't been there yet but hear about how great it is a lot (No website)
Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant (Formerly Casa de Blanca) - My vote for best salsa ever! (No Website)

(Safeway Wind Gauge
Photo: Daily Record)
The only huge drawback is something that is considered a four letter word around town, the wind.  It has been a point of humor among the locals about how windy it really is at times.  There is a 'wind gauge' in front of the Safeway which consists of a plywood board mounted on a post with a huge chain fixed to the top of it.  It has notes the difference between a 'slight breeze' and 'normal wind,' it offers a chuckle for the locals as they head in to buy their groceries.

What prompted me to post about Ellensburg... well a gal I knew back in the day that still lives there posted this article from American Cowboy where they named it as one of the greatest places to live in the Northwest.  Based on my review of it in the above paragraphs, I'm going to have to agree with American Cowboy on this one!  E-burg or The Burg as us current and former residents refer to it is even the very first town in the article.  Congrats E-Burg! What a great honor.


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