Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Work

In this day and age I am so thankful I have a job.  It may not exactly be what I dreamed of but, they pay is good and I have a job to go to each morning.  I am an Architectural Designer/Drafter by trade and I am currently working for an engineering firm and helping to design mechanical, piping and electrical units.  Although Washington State seems to have weathered the economic downturn fairly well, the architecture and construction industries have taken a hard hit in the past couple of years. 

(Old style drafting office)

The photo above is what a drafting office would have looked like 60-70 or more years ago. 

(Old school drafting table & swing arm scale)

When I first learned drafting when I was in high school this is what the desk of a drafter looked like. 

(AutoCAD Architecture opening screenshot)

Then in college I learned how to draw on this...

(A place that looks similar to where I currently work)

... and now I sit in a place like this drawing drawings that look similar to...

(A engineering drawing I found on the web to use as an example)

...this, but...

(An architectural project I found on the web to use as an example)

I know that I am capable of producing things more like this.  Its amazing how fast things change over the years. And still, I find myself just being thankful that I am working and working in the general vicinity of what I have learned and been trained to do.

(This is an actual photo from my first drafting job that was in this beautiful office.
Thanks for the photo Erik)

Although there are definitely days when I miss working in this place!

***I copied these photos from the web as examples only.  I do not represent and have not worked on these projects.***

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