Saturday, February 5, 2011

Current Event Saturday - No Event At All

So I am a little behind on posts... sometimes that happens, time to play catch up so bear with me!

I like to post an event that is of interest to me that I think all of you may be interested in as well and for whatever reason I can't settle on something that isn't either too political or controversial.  I'd rather share something a little more fun.  But I'm scratching the bottom of the barrel with 'fun' events right now. 

Nothing has really inspired me enough today to post about it, so I think I will just leave you with a picture that I am drawn to.  The funny thing about this photo is that it is of something I don't really care for.  It is odd to me that I would find an out of focus photo of Christmas lights beautiful since other than the joy they bring during the Christmas season I am not all that fond of them.  I think sometimes it is the unexpected feel we have about something when we view it from a different perspective that creates the unsolicited inspirations we find in ourselves. 

(Photo Courtesy of Travel Wonders)

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