Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday - The American Farmer

(Metal Farmers Sign)

I am thankful everyday for the American Farmer who works long tiring days just to make sure that I can go to the store to keep food on my table.  This includes the rancher and the farmer.  Although we try to eat mostly deer and elk meat, sometimes a honey ham steak is just delicious or a breaded pork chop and heck who doesn't love them some bacon now and again?

If you ate something today that you didn't personally grow in your own backyard then take a moment and just send a thank you up to God for the farmers and ranchers of America that keep us all fed.  If it wasn't for them, eating would be so much more than going to the fridge to throw something together for dinner. 

Next time you travel also make sure you soak in all the beauty of farmland you see on your trip whether it be from the friendly skies or while trekking across our beautiful country. 

(Flying over some of the farms in my home town)
Photo Credit: Doe with help from Allegiant Airlines

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