Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple Sunday - Love and Hate

(Crate & Barrel Tall Bedford Cabinet)

Oh why, oh why does everything I love end up having to be so much money? Darned you Crate and Barrel for making me fall in love with your beautiful things then smacking me in the face with your big fat price tags! Maybe everyone will hate these pieces so much that they will go on sale fast and then maybe... just maybe I could talk Critter into these absolutley beeeeeutieeful pieces that would simply be perfection in our antique wood lovers home. I'm not holding my breath though... (on either one). Ugh, maybe I'll just cut out the pictures and hang them on the fridge.  If you really want to know the prices, click on the photos and it will take you to the C&B website where each one is listed for sale if you so inclined to love them as much as I, and feel the need to pay the hefty price tag to have them delivered to your home.

(Crate & Barrel Bedford Chest)


  1. i LOVE crate and barrel and it used to be on the cheaper side of things for great items....but not so much anymore. Of course i was inclined to click and see the oh man!!!

  2. You have great taste! And these pieces would fit perfect anywhere in our house too. We love antiques and anything rustic! I had to sneak a peak on the price....ouch!