Monday, February 21, 2011

Project Monday - Presidents' Day

(Ronald Reagan
Photo: Web)
I don't have any good President's Day related projects.  I would put up just another post about something I've made or something I redid, but I thought it was more important to honor our great leaders.  Keep in mind I said our great leaders and there have been a handful of not so great ones.  I honor the job and thank all of the amazing men who have represented this country to the best of their abilities.  God Bless America and never stop fighting for the freedoms we have been afforded by those who came before us and those who have risked there lives to keep it that way.

(George Washington
Photo: Web)
(Abraham Lincoln
Photo: Web)

Speaking of great people and heros here's a big Happy Birthday
today to my amazing grandma. 
Grammie, I love you!  Happy 82nd birthday!!

(My Grammie)

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