Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday - Hot Stuff the Mummy

(Hot Stuff the Mummy)
This is my niece, I call her Hot Stuff.  It fits her beautiful 8 year old sassy red headed self perfectly! This kid is seriously a riot.  The photo is from the week before Critter and my wedding.  We got married in the woods up where we set up our deer camp. So...the week prior to the wedding we were up in the woods getting the wedding site all set up and prepared for the big day. 

I was in the cookshack tent when Hot Stuff walked past on the outside. It was late evening and the sun was shining directly on the side of the tent and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a mummy!

I had to have her come see what it looked like. She sat in the cookshack as I walked by for her to see my shadow.  She just laughed and insisted she make shadow puppets and do more mummy walking for me. Such a fun moment for us and because of this photo, one I will never forget. 

Just look at how long her arms look and how big her hands appear, still makes me laugh!!

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