Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simple Sunday - Architectural Style

As someone who studies, enjoys and appreciates most architectural styles I find that out of the hundreds out there I find myself always coming back around to the same one as my favorite. 

I love raw cut wood, warm colors and natural solid surfaces.  I have been in the process of designing my dream home for a good 25 years now.  Over time as I have learned more and gathered more ideas my dream has evolved into something not short of spectacular.

I don't know when or if this dream will ever solidify but when it does it will be a collection of 1/4 century of sculpting and imagining.  What is so much fun now is incorporating Critter's dreams as well.  His shabby/rustic hunting lodge style and my antique ranch hacienda style are a perfect blend to creating something simply us and perfectly unique.

The photo is a picture courtesy of Architectural Digest of actor Gerard Butler's home.  I cannot get his amazing home out of my mind.  I love the rustic feel along with punches of glamorous elegance to highlight the rugged rawness of the materials and gives just the perfect 'feminine touch.'  This picture simply inspires the direction I want to take our dream.  Maybe someday Gerard will take me for a tour of his amazing abode... a girl can always dream right...

(Photo: Architectural Digest. Home of Gerard Butler)


  1. Oh are you kidding me!?! Just when I thought there could not be any more to love about Gerard Butler... you go and show me this. Heaven!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room! Elegant, rustic, absolutely everything.. but completely comfortable. The textures, the lines, the warm colors.. Yeah, I want this room!!