Saturday, January 8, 2011

Current Event Saturday - Tragedy

I had something completely different in mind for my current event post today.  Funny how certain events are bothersome enough to derail our happy thoughts.  The two current event stories I have today are more than just, 'current events.'  The shooting involving Congresswoman Giffords and the deaths of innocent political function attendees in Tucson, AZ this morning and the unfortunate deaths of Seattle residents Jesus and Kate and 3 of his family members. 

These deaths are all extremely disturbing acts of violence by obviously unstable individuals that stole the lives of innocent people.  Why, why do people do the things they do?  Why are people so involved in their own feelings that their acts of selfishness have to take the lives of innocent people just living out their lives?  Regardless of political affiliation regarding the incident in Tucson, violence and killing is NEVER the answer.

I ask that you keep the families of those who have lost their loved ones in your prayers.  Not only the ones that are in the news but all of those around you who have lost loved ones for reasons unjust.  Take a moment to count your blessings and tell those close to you how much you love them.  It only takes a moment before unfortunate turns of events could change the very world in which you spend your precious days.

(Judge John Roll 2.08.1947-1.08.2011
Photo via: My Fox

(Christina Taylor Green 9.11.01-1.08.11
Photo via: My Fox )

(Kate Donahue with fiancee Jesus Sanchez
Photo via: My )

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