Sunday, January 9, 2011

Simple Sunday - Decor Designs

My post today is needing to be way more lighthearted after the bomb I put up yesterday.  Hence the reason Simple Sunday follows Current Event Saturday.  With current events you never know what you are going to get.  So... here we go with today.  I was on Etsy one of my most favorite sites EVER, so I'm on it quite a bit.  I adore having one of a kind things and unique items you won't see your friends showing up having too.  You can guarantee if its not something someone else has, I'll probably want it.

I draw much of my inspiration from the ideas of others, but I love to take those things and do something to make them different, find ways to make them personal to me.   

My find for this Simple Sunday post is Etsy vendor, Decor Designs.  There is no doubt Critter wouldn't at all like these awesome vinyl wall art creations I found, but that doesn't change my mind one bit.  Oh the extra bedroom/future baby room ideas that have been coming into my creative mind... I think its pretty obvious I like deer and I have always had a love with trees in art.  So here are some of the favorites I found at Decor Designs' shop.

(Deer Herd)

(Drinking Doe)

(3 Deer Heads)

(Winter Trees)


  1. I just LOVE Etsy, too, and am slowly working on a store of my own. It's a slow go... I just love all of the art, have such great style I'm sure your nursery will be so adorable!

    Have a great Sunday!


  2. Thanks so much Jules! I can't wait. So excited for your Etsy shop!!