Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simple Sunday - My Parents Were Awesome

I follow a blog called My Parents Were Awesome.  Its very simple really, people send in photos of their parents, before they were parents.  Because before they were parents they had lives, they were young, they were cool, most simply they were awesome. 

Sometimes it isn't until we become adults that we realize how awesome our parents were and still are.  As kids we hit that age where we think its impossible that our parents could have ever been cool.  The sad selfish thing about thinking that is that somehow we think they sacrificed their coolness for us.  Finally somewhere in our mid 20's we realize they really are awesome! Life can be tough and regardless of where they are now and what they are doing they love us unconditionally.  

So yeah... my parents although they went their separate ways when I was 17 they are both still pretty awesome.  What is even better is that I now have a 2nd set of awesome parents, I get to call Critter's parents my parents too!  

(Critter's Parents Circa 1967)

(My Parents in 1972)



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