Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Garden & Gun

Today I am thanking my friend D'Lynn.  She is a loyal Doe follower and a friend from many many years ago.  Her along with her husband and two boys live in Texas now.  The other day I recieved a message from her about a magazine that was up on Groupon Houston for half price.  The magazine one from down south: Garden & Gun.  The name alone just puts a smile on my face!  She said she immediatley thought of me when she saw the Groupon offer and passed it along to me.  I have to thank her in advance but I am excitedly awaiting my first issue of Garden & Gun.  It sounds just like my kind of publication and I cannot wait to get my hands on my first copy! Thank you for thinking of my D'Lynn!!

PS- And if the awesome magazine wasn't great enough there are blogs!!
Southern in the City


  1. You got a subscription?!? Let me know how the magazine is! I miss you very much and I think of you often! Thanks for talking about me in your blog, I think that's a first for me! Enjoy your new Gun and Garden magazine! (D'Lynn)

  2. I adore this magazine...and the photos are so beautiful!!! Someday I am going to do a "Garden and Gun" inspired photoshoot just for the hell of it...LOL ;) Have fun with your new treasure!!! :)

  3. I did get one D'Lynn! You hit the nail on the head with that suggestion!! Lizzy, that would be so much fun! What a great idea. I have a birthday girl photoshoot tomorrow. She is turning two. Can't wait :)