Saturday, January 29, 2011

Current Event Saturday - Wine Tour

(Barrels in the basement)
The region in which I live is rich with wine.  I hear we have ideal growing weather for the wine grapes and it must be true because they are everywhere here.  Let me tell you, nothing is more heavenly than the smell of early September in Southeastern Washington!  The grapes are all ripened and ready for harvest and the evenings are still warm from the summer sun.  Its like the aroma just floats across the nightime air.  Its simply delicious. 

(Ladies on the Limo Bus)
Today was a birthday wine tour with the ladies.  Here are some photos of winter in wine country... and a group shot of all of the ladies.  Many think that wine invites the wine snobs, but the best part about Eastern Washington, its just one great big vast farmland and dressing up is wearing your best pair of jeans paired with a new dressy top.  I love this region of the country and really enjoy days spent with friends sampling the local flavors.  

(Winter in Washington Wine Country)
(High Desert Winter in Wine Country)
(Old Residence in Washington Wine Country)
(Patio View of Winter in Wine Country)
(Our Sweet Ride, the Limo Bus)
(Ladies at the 2nd Stop of the Day)


  1. Looks like a great trip and all that wine, YUMMY!

  2. We are so blessed here in this region Kari! There are over 250 wineries! We only went to 5 :)