Sunday, January 2, 2011

Simple Sunday - Doe & Buck

I simply adore these mounts.  I think they would be super fun in a kids/baby room maybe someday soon...???  That is if I can find them again, sadly I didn't save the site name where I found them.  Figures! 

Anyway, kids are on the list for Critter and I so baby room ideas are always loosely floating around in my head.  Definitely a cute idea to hang on to until the time is right. And what will we a have, will it be a little doe or a young buck? ;)  If God decides we are to be parents someday eventually we'll find out.

I can visualize a baby room that is contemporary yet whimsical and adds a bit of rustic charm.  You can't visualize it, well someday maybe I'll get to show you! 

(Doe & Buck)


  1. How about this?

  2. Oh that's cool! You could get that for your room or something, love it.

  3. I had to chuckle...when I was little and my sister moved out to college I took her room downstairs. Then I didn't like being by myself down there and would sleep in my old room that dad turned into his hunting room and up there was his deer head wall mount, just like this. I remember being so freaked out that it was watching me and I used to take my baby blanket and throw it up over the head to cover his eyes! Too funny--this brought back that memory.

  4. So funny Cheryl, I hope they don't freak you out anymore. And hopefully my baby(ies) will be used to dead animals in the house from day one... with their father the animals will always be around!