Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Bloggers & Washers? Huh?

I always seem to be a day or two behind. If you ask my sister she'll tell you that is normal. Many may think its because I am lazy or selfish, but I have to be honest that's not the case. Its something a little more simple.  I am one of those people who try to cram as much as I can into pockets of time.  An overachiever of sorts I guess.  That is why I am ever so thankful for my washing machine and the dryer too! 

(My Teeny Tiny Laundry Room)
Where did that just come from you ask, well, I like many of you get so tired of doing laundry all. the. time. And I have such an awesome hubby that I don't even do his laundry (unless you include moving it from the washer to the dryer to our bed for him to put away). But I was thinking about it today and what came to mind was how nice it is that for the most part laundry is one of those things that with the amazing inventions of the washer & dryer it pretty much cleans itself.  I mean thank goodness I don't have to scrub each item by hand in a tub with a washboard like back in Little House on the Prairie days. Seriously Carolyn Ingalls was a hell of a woman!  More on my affection for Little House in another post someday. 

Back to the laundry, all you have to do is sort it, start it and then hang or dry it.  The pain in the butt part is putting all of the clean stuff away.  Ugh... I used to think it was because I had too many clothes but that is nonsense.  A girl can't have too many clothes, especially a versatile one like myself.  We need dress up, dress down, sweats, warm weather clothes, cool weather clothes, hunting clothes, camping clothes, fishing clothes, shooting clothes, work clothes... ok I could go on but I think you get it.  So naturally keeping all of these clothes cleaned and put away takes some finesse and some time.  My point, yeah THANK YOU inventor of the washer & dryer!

As far as bloggers... A Reel Lady & 3 Krazy Chics both have given me the Stylish Blog Award and I want to thank them!  You sure know how to make a girl feel good.  Thank you for being loyal follwers and loving my ramblings.... like today for instance.  Check out their blogs.  Either click their names or look to the right hand column of my blog over there ---> and their links are both in my side bar.  You ladies are awesome!!  Don't expect me to follow the steps in the near future, refer back to my 1st paragraph about always being just a little bit behind....  


  1. You are very welcome! I can safely say I could whip Laura Ingalls arse and outshoot her with a bow, but she can keep her little washboard and pail of nasty water. This lady needs her washing machine and dryer!

  2. Congrats on the award...both times! Well deserved!