Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Monday - Bridal Suite

This Project Monday includes the Deer Artwork from my last Project Monday.  You can see them hanging in the tent. Critter and I were married this last June in the National Forest.  I had the idea of having our wedding where we set up each year for deer camp. The forest is simply beautiful and we both love being up in the mountains. There was no other choice for us.  

The planning of our bridal suite was a project all in itself.  It was months in the making and I was extremely pleased with how it turned out!                
Our little piece of camping heaven in the woods
(Wedding in the Woods Bridal Suite)
Critter and I have a 12x14 canvas wall tent I decided to turn into our bridal suite.  Months worth of thought went into the decor of the wall tent as a bridal suite. I didn't want it to be too fancy, we were in the woods and needed to transport the items a couple hour drive from home.  Then again I still wanted it to be bridal suite special.  I've never been a girly girl and I ended up piecing together the perfect blend of old school camping, rustic and wedding in the woodsy.  I believe they call this glamping? Call it what you want, we just say it was perfect.  

Welcome to the Bridal Suite
(Photo Cred: Tom Russell)

Full Bridal Suite Shot
(Photo Cred: 6ix)

Newlyweds in front of Bridal Suite
(Photo by: Suwanee Photography)

Woodland Bridal Suite w/Lake Front View
(Photo by: Suwanee Photography)


  1. That's a very unique and awesome idea!

  2. I love it Guys very romantic. I'm starting to plan my girlfriends wedding on Sunday, I need ideas:) Angee

  3. Thanks Rob! Angee, I'd be glad to help. Just send me a message with some of the details, background etc...

  4. That tent is awesome! Kudos to you for your design & planning... also to your spirit of adventure. I don't know many women who would want their bridal suite out in the woods. May your marriage be blessed!

  5. Thank you very much Chris! We loved it!