Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday - Vintage F&S Covers

I sure would love to get my hands on some of these vintage Field and Stream covers.  I am thinking the orange one pretty much fits me to a tee!  Something many of my friends may not know about me is how much I love shooting trap.  My dad used to take me target shooting and trap shooting the mornings I was going to a prom or homecoming.  I am thinking it was because he knew I would tell my dates all about it that night, therefore he wouldn't have put too much effort into the traditional 'you'll have my daughter home at what time?' speech. 

In college I used to go with one of my roommates to her home town on some weekends where she would sit in the trap house to pull trap for the guys back home.  The first time I went along an older gentleman asked me if I would like to shoot a round.  I was so excited, he loaded all up for me and showed me how his shotgun worked and I think he was a little surprised when I put those boys to shame.  I won the round and the next, and the next and took home the 20 pound frozen turkey and the money in the pot they were all there trying to win. 

My roommie and I learned how to cook our first turkey a few weeks later and needless to say that was the best meal we'd eaten in months as college students.  I swear we ate on that turkey for two weeks.  We made turkey noodle soup and sandwiches and it was like winning the lottery when you are two broke college kids just trying to pay the rent and eat!



  1. Love the blog KariAnne! I'm excited to see what you have in store for us all! I'll be checking back!

  2. Thank you Cheech! So great to have you along. Its been too long since seen you, I love being back in touch!