Monday, December 6, 2010

Project Monday - Cabinet Plans

This post is about an upcoming project.  Critter has been bugging me for months to design and build a cabinet with my dad to put in our kitchen.  We have the perfect spot to put a handmade rustic vintange wood cabinet.  The plan is to fill it with my cookbooks and our spices. 

I will post pictures after it is built but for now here are the plans for my design.  The best part of designing and building with my dad is that typical design rules go out the window and I draw it based on the way my dad and I work best together.  We are kinda on our own plan when it comes to working together, whatever it is, it works.  He gets me and I get him. 

Feel free to use my design if you'd like and can make it work for you.

Oh and DON'T mention this project to Critter, its a part of his Christmas present from me!

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