Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Netflix Instant

Critter and I decided to not have cable TV (my large dislike for Charter) plus Dish & Direct TV are both ridiculously priced in my opinion.  Therefore, we have the standard local channels and Netflix and also Netflix Instant.  I've even considered the new Hulu that we can watch on our Roku player in which we get the Netflix Instant.  The Roku is pretty great there are many channels you can choose from like the Netflix Instant, Pandora, and the new Hulu for Roku and many others. 

For the price of 3 Netfilx DVD's we can watch all of the instant Netflix we want.  Its been perfect!  Sometimes it doesn't always run the best because of internet ins and outs but I guess that's just what you get with wireless services and new technology.  Either way I am thankful for Instant Netflix, I have watched movies I would have never rented and then loved and they keep adding more and more TV shows that I have heard people talk about that I would have otherwise never watched.  Its been a big money saver and has still provided Critter and I with more TV and entertainment than we can keep up with for around $20 a month. 

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  1. WE just signed up today! We will see how long it takes for me to cancel our Dish!