Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simple Sunday - Dark Kiss & Pink Sugar

(Bath & Body Works, Dark Kiss Shower Gel, Body Cream & Body Spray)
I used to frequent Bath & Body Works on a regular basis.  I really haven't gone there much latley but was feeling the need to check in there and see what some of their new scents are.  Plus I really love the Vanilla Bean Noel and tis' the season!  I found some yummy men's line scents for Critter Twilight Woods for Men, from Santa of course!  I picked up the Vanilla Bean Noel I was dying for, got some yummy hand soaps to refill the soap dispensers in the house and low and behold found my new favorite, Dark Kiss

Simply & perfecly this is the yummiest smell I have come across in sometime.  Then to add to it my awesome Christmas gift from my mom came in the form of a big box of goodies from one of my most favorite stores, Ulta.  Unfortunatley we don't have an Ulta (yet if I can change that I will try) in the Tri Cities.  Inside the big box of deliciousness was a perfume sample called Pink Sugar.  It pairs perfectly with Dark Kiss.  It smells so amazing that I could seriously just eat it up.  Critter loves them both on me and simply I think I have found my newest rage.  Please don't all want a piece of me at once just because I smell like cake, haha.  Yum!

(Aquolina's Pink Sugar)

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