Monday, December 27, 2010

Project Monday - Cabinet Plans Complete

If you go here it will take you to the post I did on December 6th about the plans I drew up for my dad to make Critter (and me) a rustic baker's cabinet for our kitchen from old weathered barn lumber.  My dad as always never fails to make not only a fully functioning item but makes an incredible piece of art.  This cabinet is beautiful! 

(Pre cabinet)
I wanted to make more space in our small kitchen and Critter and I had been discussing a cabinet.  It couldn't have been a better idea and the best part besides having an amazing and talented dad was getting to see the look on Critter's face when he walked in the door and saw it filled with cookbooks and spices. 

I'm fully convinced even as an adult that if I can dream it and draw it up my dad can work miracles and make it become reality.  He is a true craftsman!

(Critter's Surprise)

(Loving the new Cabinet!)

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